The CuddAssured program will strengthen all your well control barriers, resulting in
fewer incidents, at a reduced severity, for safer and more reliable operations.
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Designed by premier well control experts, CuddAssured provides the comprehensive well control program that will assure you don’t make costly well control mistakes.

Tradition   TRADITION

Cudd Well Control has been an industry leader in emergency response, well control engineering, and well control training for more than 40 years. In answer to industry’s acknowledgment of the total real cost of gaps in well control practices, we developed CuddAssured, a 21st-century comprehensive well control program that contains all of the required elements of the best well control programs, but is fit-for-purpose for each of our customers.

Tradition   CREATION

Our in-house well control engineering experts deliver front-end solutions that work to enhance the entire operation, from beginning to end, resulting in fewer incidents, at a reduced severity, for safer and more reliable operations. We show you what gaps you may have in your current program and the best way to fill them.

With CuddAssured, operators receive the expertise and experience of a wholly in-house well control team which help refine and maintain your well control program. You will be certain that all well control barriers (equipment, procedures, and training) are as strong as they can be.

With personnel who have decades of hands-on well control experience, CuddAssured programs deliver intelligent well control design with functional, immediate-results audits to maintain your well control barrier protection.


No one provides access to best-in-class well control engineering as Cudd can.

CuddAssured delivers our customers the assurance that the safe, compliant, well control planning is coming to life in their operations through effective auditing of your personnel, process, and equipment. It is complemented by 24/7 access to Cudd’s team of engineering experts, with a timely response to developing challenges before they can become full-blown problems.

Tradition   KNOWLEDGE

A pillar of any CuddAssured well control program is a comprehensive action assessment of operational personnel’s capacity to handle a real-world well control incident. This is achieved through the development of complex well control drills that are directly informed by your actual risks and not off-the-shelf procedures. CuddAssured programs also test and assess site leadership knowledge.

Before leaving any location, our team provides your management personnel with a preliminary draft report so that immediate improvements occur.

When specific knowledge gaps are identified, we deliver both in-person training and well control training modules, produced by the world-renowned Well Control School, delivered in a convenient mobile device format using a game-based platform.

Tradition   POWER

CuddAssured helps operators build a learning organization founded on high reliability, strengthening well control barriers, and eliminating or minimizing well control risks.

Be CuddAssured that your well control program and training curriculum are providing you the confidence that you have eliminated or reduced your well control risks as much as possible.