If you're going to be a leader in the oil and gas industry, you'd better have a contingency plan for anything and everything that could happen. And you'd better be able to handle the pressure when it does happen.

Cudd Well Control (CWC) stands prepared to provide the experience and knowledge in well control anywhere in the world, at any time. From firefighting to handling blowouts, we make it our business to work quickly, efficiently and effectively.

When you think of Cudd Well Control personnel, think of experience. That experience includes understanding that our international presence means we are worldwide and worldwise. It includes having the right equipment to do the job, and knowing how to do it.

There is another approach that we work hard to achieve: successful prevention. Careful planning and a commitment to maintaining safeguards can significantly decrease well control problems.

In Memoriam: Paul Saulnier, pioneering well control specialist

Paul SaulnierPaul Saulnier, a Senior Well Control Specialist for Cudd Well Control, and pioneer of several capping techniques for well control operations, died August 31 of sudden cardiac arrest after a long struggle with Parkinson’s disease. He was 69. Born in Alexandria, VA, Saulnier and his family moved to Houston when he was 6 years old. After serving in the Vietnam War from 1964-1968 as Airman First Class, Hydraulics Specialist, Saulnier began an impressive career in well control with the legendary Paul “Red” Adair in 1970. Over his 40-year career, Saulnier acquired extensive domestic and international well control experience with major projects in Australia, Canada, Egypt, Kuwait, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South America, and the North Sea. Saulnier pioneered new capping techniques for handling toxic environments and harsh environments, and implemented conventional capping methods for well control operations. He also participated in the industry’s first high-volume dynamic kill operation from a relief well in Indonesia. An avid competitive cook since the 1990s, Paul participated in many cook-off events to support charitable causes. We will miss Paul’s leadership and thankful for the knowledge he was able to impart to Cudd Well Control’s team.



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