Cudd Well Control, has a long-standing tradition of quality work, delivering rapid emergency response, well control experience and engineering services to locations around the world since 1977. Bobby Joe Cudd became a true legend in the well control industry by pioneering many of the well control techniques commonly used today. One of his most famous principles was that “in well control, we only play aces, straights, and flushes.”

While the industry has evolved since our company began, we remain true to our pioneering founder’s vision and principles. We continue to only play the best hands by hiring the best people and using the best equipment. That’s how Cudd continues to solve complex well control incidents and also to perform the best front-end well control engineering and planning.

CWC is strategically positioned to respond to control incidents around the world; working with oil and gas industry, drilling contractors, well servicing companies, regulatory agencies, insurance carriers, academic institutions, and underground storage operators to help mitigate risks. We help you prepare for emergency situations through advanced planning and various well control training programs to uncover vulnerabilities and establish procedures for a safer working environment.