Shallow Gas Blowout Successfully Killed

The subject exploration well suffered a blowout and was on fire, while drilling a 12 ¼” hole at a depth of 1704’. The well was flowing gas, believed to be from a charged shallow sand zone. Cudd Well Control (CWC) was contacted to assist in the well control operations.. Read More

Bop Change Out on a Blowing Gas Well in Egypt

The subject well was undergoing flowback of fracture proppant wh en the incident occurred. There was a coiled tubing (CT) injector and quad BOP installed above a TIW valve in the tubing string. A small leak developed in the flow tee, above the TIW valve.. Read More

Blowout Gas Well in Libya Capped and Secured

CWC was dispatched to a surface blowout that occurred while the rig was tripping out of the hole with a 3 ½” tubing and a test packer. The well began to flow and the drilling crew made several attempts to install the kelly that were unsuccessful.. Read More

Successful Blowout Intervention on a Drilling Rig

This subject well was drilling at a depth of 11,050’, when the well started flowing. The well was shut in by closing the annular BOP. However, the pop off valve on the mud pump gave up and the flow from the well.. Read More

Shallow Gas Rig Fire is Controlled and Capped

This well was drilling ahead at a depth of 4100’ with 2000’ of surface casing set. The rig hit a shallow gas zone and took a kick, resulting in a blowout and fire. The well was also producing a large volume of salt water. The drilling crew abandoned the rig and no injuries were sustained.. Read More

Well Kill Executed on H2S Gas Blowout in West Texas

The subject well was undergoing some diagnostic activities, to attempt to locate a suspected hole in the production casing string. There was a workover rig on the hole, with a tapered tubing string and packer assembly. The rig crew was in the process of tripping out of the.. Read More